søndag 28. august 2011

Thinking about becoming a work from home mom

I am sic and tired.

It is the same every month. The last week before my husbands next paycheck, we are broke.
I am doing my best to keep bills paid, to have food on the table, have all we need actually.

From time to time my husband's working two jobs, and still it's hard to keep our heads above the water. It's not that we're using more money than others, I do believe we are quite good with money. It's just that it's not easy to find jobs that are paying well.

I have, for the last couple of months, been trying to find out more about becoming a work from home mom, it would be great with some extra money to be able to live a better life. To be able to offer a better life to our three kids.

I haven't started up yet, and I will tell about all I do on this blog.
It's a great way for me to kick my own behind, to have something to write about.
If i succeed, it can perhaps be a kick in the butt for some other struggeling moms.

Wish me luck ;)

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